Gosh! These photographs bring back so many joyful memories of my wedding day. Memories of a day filled with lots of laughter, tears of joy and happy dances. A day filled with family, friends and showers of love. A day of hope, promises and aspirations for the future together. The day we said, “I do”.

This is the day that most women dream of. The day you get to say ‘I Do’. The day that you choose to spend the rest of your lives together, through the good and the bad. How incredibly fortunte I am so have married my best friend and favourite person!

I wish that you get marry that person. That you get to be blessed in marriage, be happy and always know what true love is!

These photographs are just a small glimpse of what our day was. True friends, the most special family and tons of fun with those we adore!

I made my dress, my bridesmaids’ dresses as well as my moms dress. What an honour! 

Image Credit: Marli Koen Photography