Our Top 12 Tips to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Wedding Dress (Part 1)

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Are you in the market for a wedding dress? We have compiled our list Top 12 Tips of things to keep in mind when designing your dress. We hope this will make your decision easier!

1. You have decided on your wedding dress design, you think:

Choosing a wedding dress is not a simple task for every bride. Some brides fall in love with a dress immediately, other brides may need 1000’s of pictures for inspiration, many hours on Pinterest and advice and reassurance from all their loved ones.

Once you have found your wedding dress – stop looking (not tomorrow, immediately)! To be constantly be exposed to so many new and different ideas every single day can make it difficult for us to make a final decision and sticking to it. It is also very important to keep in mind that if you have difficulty getting your point across it might be a good idea explaining with visual references. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Simone Meyer Bridal White Lace Tulle Skirt Open Back Wedding Dress Cape Town Lilac Photography Eureka EstateCredit: Lilac Photography

2. Comfort:

‘Beauty is pain’ or ‘You are only getting married once’ is something we are told ever so often. That is no reason to cause yourself unnecessary discomfort. Choose a dress that you feel comfortable in – you will be wearing it for the entire day! You will walk, stand for long hours and party all night in that dress. You will probably be doing quite a few uncomfortable poses in the dress too! If you love dancing be sure to choose a style that will not restrict your movement too much. This is especially important when it comes to your arms and legs! If you don’t normally wear a boob-tube, don’t choose a boob-tube wedding dress. Wedding dresses tend to be quite heavy, and you will have the urge to pull it up all night. This will probably in turn be visible in your photographs.

Simone Meyer Bridal White Satin Lace Wedding Dress Cape Town Moira West Diamant EstateCredit: Moira West Photography

3. Deciding on the material for your wedding dress:

Deciding on the material can be quite a daunting task, especially if you have no knowledge in this regard. You have a wide variety of material to choose from, and their costs can vary vastly. The key is to know where you can save money, and where you rather shouldn’t.  Your dress designer is equipped with the necessary knowledge to make this process as easy and efficient as possible, trust them.

Simone Meyer Bridal White Satin Lace Wedding Dress Cape Town Moira West Diamant EstateCredit: Moira West Photography

4. Lace and Beading:

So you want lace… Do not be afraid to spend a little more. It is possible to minimize the overall cost, but still have the desired effect. Something worth keeping in mind: using lace  without beading or sequins that is the same colour as the material underneath it will mostly only be visible in close-up shots, especially in poor lighting (think white lace on white material).

Lace with beading or sequins on, no matter how little, creates a different effect when being photographed. They reflect light, and the layers on your dress are immediately more visible. Consider using beaded lace rather than lace with no beads to bring out the best in your dress. Chances are that the lace will be the most expensive material that you buy for your dress so don’t let it fade into the background.

Should you be unable to find beaded lace that you like, you can ask your designer to bead your dress afterwards. You should however keep in mind that beading is time consuming work, and can influence the total cost of your dress.

Simone Meyer Lace Dress Ivory Cape Town A Line Dehan Engelbrecht LandtscapCredit: Dehan Engelbrecht Photography

Next week we will talk about Satin’s, Silks and Everything In Between, Trains, Underwear and Shoes, so look out for our Tuesday Tips post!


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